Google introduced their first Nexus branded tablet, the Nexus 7, at Google I/O, the Google developer conference. The tablet is being sold in the US market through the Google Playstore along with the GSM version of the Galaxy Nexus and the Nexus Q. Google also rolled out tablet accessories like cases and extra chargers.


A powerful camera that catches more light

The best all-around camera we’ve ever put into a Nexus shines in low-light conditions. Its larger 1.55μm pixels capture more light even in the dimmest conditions to produce stunning details and sharp images. With a faster Google Camera app, you’ll never miss a moment, and with the smart Google Photos app, your memories are easy to relive and always at your fingertips.


Only applies to optimized Nexus devices, such as Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X, charged using the included USB Type-C 15W (5V/3A) charger. Battery must be substantially depleted; charging rate slows as charging progresses. All battery life claims are approximate and based on an average mixed use profile that includes both usage and standby time.

2.These devices will receive Android version updates for at least two years from when the device first became available on the Google Store. For more details — visit our Help Center

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Google’s Nexus line may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it has hit the mark in a big way for a specific set of phone users, and now there’s quite a big fanbase when it comes to the Nexus way of doing devices. Adopters were wooed by the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5, two handsets which offered something pretty much unheard of at the time; a relatively low cost; stock, regularly updated Android; and a careful blend of optimised tech – powerful enough, but streamlined in just the right areas.

Google didn’t bother with uber powerful cameras and crazy high-res (battery sapping and expensive) displays; they cost too much and compromised the affordable and balanced performance package Google was aiming for. This was the Goldilocks approach to smartphones; not too little, not too much, just right.

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